Name That Shell, Part 10 (Miocene of Java)

03 Apr

Here’s a good one for the Recent muricid collectors out there, as well as fossil collectors from the Indo-Pacific region.

This small specimen is from the Miocene of West Java, Indonesia (Nyalindung, Sukabumi). I couldn’t find anything resembling it in the current version of my Fossil Muricidae Worldwide Checklist keyword search. To me, it looks more like an ergalataxine than a muricopsine. Unfortunately, it is somewhat worn, and the aperture isn’t complete.

Any ideas? I’d also appreciate any information on good — recent — literature sources for information on the Miocene of Java, Indonesia, since I have several other unidentified shells from here.


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2 responses to “Name That Shell, Part 10 (Miocene of Java)

  1. berni

    April 3, 2011 at 12:39 PM


    I think about a Coralliophilinae

    have a look here:

    Hoek Ostende, L.W. van den, Leloux, J., Wesselingh, F.P. & Winkler Prins, C.F. 2002. Cenozoic Molluscan types from Java (Indonesia) in the Martin Collection (Division of Cenozoic Mollusca), National Museum of Natural History, Leiden

    • glpolites

      April 3, 2011 at 1:07 PM

      Thanks; that electronic resource will be a great help to me as well!


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